Thursday, November 15, 2018

5 - No! 10! - Personal Things

Hello, Faithful Readers!

It's the 15th of November ... and that means it's time once again to detail five individual and personal pieces of information about myself!

If you'll recall, I missed out on posting an entry on the 10th of the month and promised to make up for it in today's post ... and, sure enough, you get twice the knowledge for your money! You get to glean 10 spiffy things about me instead of the usual 5! Lucky you!

Ready? Here we go!

#1: I have a series of "Life Rules" which pop up at any given moment when a situation presents itself. Among these rules: "The only thing that belongs in your eye is your elbow" ... "No sharp objects around the groin area" ... and ... "Never say never."

#2: I constantly, continually open doors for people in public, women especially. And, yes, I often glare - and even make comments or blurt out "You're welcome!" - to oblivious or rude folks.

#3: I often strike up a conversation with unsuspecting people or make comments to break the ice in public. Life's short, make a move.

#4: I have a "leaves in the driveway" problem. I don't like leaves in my driveway. I will go out of my way to make certain leaves aren't in my driveway. It bugs me to no end if there are leaves in my driveway. (As of yet, this affliction hasn't caused any serious relationship problems and hasn't affected my well being personally that I know of, but I monitor it just to make sure. It is unknown if I'm effective at doing so.)

#5: I don't give a rat's ass if a penny is facing up or facing down on the ground; if it's lying there, I'll pick it up.

#6: I have an "everyday" belt I've been wearing for going on 10 years (probably more). You know how people have their "go to" menu item? Their "go to" decision making strategy? I have a "go to" belt.

#7: Eye protection, eye protection, eye protection. If I'm outside doing something, be it yardwork, washing the car, what have you, you can bet I'll have eye protection in place. It goes back to those "Life Rules" up there in that #1 slot ...

#8: When I crack open a canned beer or soft drink, I immediately turn the tab a quarter click counter-clockwise out of habit. And it's a good habit, too. In a room full of beer and soda drinkers, I can find my personal refreshing beverage in a jiffy while others are fumbling about wondering which drink is theirs.

#9: I give an inordinate amount of space to the person I'm driving behind, often to the point of annoyance to other drivers. It's a safety thing ... and it's not my problem if you take issue with it. Your issue is your issue, not mine.

#10: Sneeze once? I bless you. Sneeze again directly afterward? I tell you "Cuidado." (Spanish for "careful.") Sneeze a third time in succession? I blurt out "Tamales!"

*whew* I don't know about you but I'm virtually exhausted from putting all that information out there!

Tune in on the 20th when 5 more things get the discovery treatment here!

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

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