Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mars' Status Has Not Changed

Channel surfing one morning, the daughter asked a question of her father.

"Dad ... which Star Wars is this?"

The Dad came out of the kitchen and gave the program a quick glance. Dark, grimy Jawas were lining up droids in the middle of a glaring desert on the planet Tatooine.

"It's Episode 4," The Dad replied to the daughter.

The Mom overheard, came in, saw what was on television and recognized it. "No! It's #1! Star Wars is #1!"

"Well," The Dad explained, "It
would be in the original layout when the films first came out. But, with the prequels in the mix, the very first Star Wars film from 1977 is considered Episode 4".

"No! No, it is not! In my world - where Mars is still a planet - the original Star Wars is still the first one ..."

The Dad gave The Mom a bit of a look: "Uh .... Dear ... in my world, as well, Mars is still a planet ..."

The Mom corrected herself. "You know what I meant. Pluto, not Mars!"

The Dad asked: "Coumadin, right?"

They both laughed .....

(With the exception of Interplanet Janet, the names, conversations - if they do indeed exist - and verbiage above may or may not have taken place.)

..................... Ruprecht ( STOP )